Just because Union County isn’t exactly a smoldering desert atmosphere, it still gets pretty hot in the summer months. It is crucial to make sure that your air conditioner system is working properly and efficiently to keep your family comfortable when it gets warm. Ace Hardware Home Services has been providing expert AC services since 1953 and is there for all of your air conditioning needs. From full installations to repairs and routine maintenance, Ace Hardware Home Services ensures that your system is running smoothly at all times. 

AC Terms to Know

When you are doing research about AC systems or speaking to an AC contractor, you might hear some terms or systems you are not familiar with. Our team will try to explain some of those terms so that you can be better equipped to make important decisions when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system.

SEER Rating – An AC system’s energy efficiency is classified with a SEER rating. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. A higher SEER rating means the system is more energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills. 

AC Capacity – An AC’s capacity is measured in tons. That doesn’t refer to its weight, but rather the amount of heat the system can remove from a house within one hour, measured in British Thermal Units. One ton of AC capacity is 12000 BTU’s per hour.

Single-Stage AC Compressor – A single-stage AC compressor operates at one speed all the time. The thermostat controls the temperature in the house by turning the AC system on and off. These are the least efficient types of AC systems as they are always running at full cold. 

Two-Stage / Multi-Stage AC Compressor – With two levels of operation, high for the very hot summer days and low for the milder summer days, it is like having two units for one. Two-stage compressors will initially kick on at 70% and if it can’t cool your house fully, it will increase to 100%. Since the lower levels adequately cool your home most of the time, these units run longer and are more efficient because they don’t cycle on and off as much. These systems also remove twice as much humidity as the single-stage system.

Variable-Speed AC Compressor – The quietest and most efficient compressor we offer today. A variable-speed compressor operates at different speeds anywhere from 35-100% depending on the need. These compressors offer more speeds than the two-stage system, which allows them to cool your home at lower speeds for longer periods, while still having the high levels available if needed. The variable speed AC systems run longer without cycling on or off and only stay at the speed needed to keep you comfortable. These are the most efficient types of systems.

Ace Hardware Home Services AC Contractor 

If you are thinking about installing a new air conditioning system, or just need repairs or maintenance done to your current system, our highly skilled AC contractors are available in Union County to provide friendly customer service, expert technicians, and affordable pricing. Contact us today to learn more about our AC services!