Benefits of Installing a WiFi Thermostat

Smart home gadgets are certainly on the rise. Most modern homes are equipped with various devices, like Wi-Fi-enabled lighting, appliances, wall outlets, and thermostats. Of these smart home devices, one of the most worthwhile to consider is the WiFi thermostat. A smart thermostat is a programmable device that controls your home’s heating and cooling through your phone or tablet, allowing you to regulate indoor temperature more efficiently.

If you’ve ever wondered what the advantages of installing a WiFi thermostat over a traditional one are, the HVAC technicians at Ace Hardware Home Services share five reasons to make the switch.

WiFi Thermostats Help Save Money

Operating and maintaining your HVAC system is likely one of your most significant monthly bills. Although the upfront cost of a smart thermostat might be more than a traditional one, it can help you save money in the long run. In fact, a report by Google Nest concluded savings of about 15% on cooling costs and 10 to 12% on heating costs. According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, those percentages equate to an average savings of around $180 – $230 annually by installing a WiFi thermostat.

WiFi Thermostats Let You Track Energy Usage

The longer you use your WiFi thermostat, the smarter it will become. Smart thermostats use real-time data that helps you monitor your energy usage. You can easily track your usage month by month or even day by day, and your thermostat generates a home energy profile that tells you how your use compares over time, how that may affect your energy costs in the future, and how you can adjust your preferences to decrease costs even more.

Control Your Thermostat Remotely From Anywhere

With a WiFi thermostat installation, you can control your thermostat remotely from anywhere with the touch of a button. Whether you’re on vacation, coming home early, or own a second home that you rent out, you can adjust your thermostat to the perfect temperature from your phone or tablet. What’s even better? Your thermostat will learn your preferences and adjust accordingly.

WiFi Thermostats Improve Equipment Performance and Extend Lifespan

Most smart thermostats have a built-in diagnostic function that monitors and analyzes your heating and cooling usage and sends you convenient service reminders. These service reminders prompt you when it’s time for critical maintenance, like changing your filters; just one way WiFi thermostats prolong the life of your equipment while ensuring optimal operating efficiency.

WiFi Thermostats Improve Indoor Air Quality

A smart thermostat can monitor the humidity levels in your home and make adjustments to prevent mold growth and excessive dryness. And the alerts and reminders mentioned above help you stay on top of maintenance tasks like filter changes, providing you and your family with cleaner, healthier air by removing common allergens and pollutants.

WiFi Thermostat Installation With Ace Hardware Home Services

Are you ready to add a WiFi thermostat to your home? The HVAC technicians at Ace Hardware Home Services can help you find the right thermostat to suit your needs. Call us at 765-966-1300 to schedule your installation appointment today!