Do you have a new HVAC system installation on your to-do list this spring? We’re here to help! Ace Hardware Home Services is a renowned HVAC company with over 70 years of industry experience. We’ve been serving customers in Indiana since 1953, providing top-quality HVAC installation services to residential and commercial customers. We’ll walk you through the entire process.

Choosing the Right Equipment

The hardest part of installing a new HVAC system is picking out the best equipment for your home. Indiana runs the gambit as far as weather is concerned, so the system you get needs to be able to handle it. Most homeowners will be looking to replace an AC system or their furnace, while new builds need everything. 

Whatever you’re looking for, buying the right size is a vital aspect. An AC unit that is too big will cool your home, but it can accumulate humidity and lead to a mold problem in the future. 

You also want to assess the long-term cost. Sure, the cheapest option might look great right now, but if it gives out five years sooner, you end up spending more down the road. 

Another factor to consider is energy efficiency. The US Department of Energy claims that heating and cooling account for about half of a home’s energy consumption, making it a massive drain on both your carbon footprint and your wallet. A new HVAC system will not only keep you comfortable, but it’ll also help ensure your wallet stays comfortable too!

Hire the Right People

There’s a lot to consider when picking out the right HVAC system for your home. We want to take as many of those questions off your plate as possible. Ace Hardware Home Services offer several HVAC installation services, including air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and indoor air quality installations. Our technicians work with our customers to design and install HVAC systems that meet their specific needs. We take into consideration factors such as size, occupants, and budget. 

Let the Pros Do the Work

We aren’t limited to new installs, either. Ace Hardware Home Services also offer ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure our customers’ HVAC systems remain in tip-top shape. Our technicians perform routine maintenance services like cleaning, inspections, and filter replacements to make sure we prevent issues before they start. 

Whenever possible, we’ll make sure to meet with you in your home to make plans and recommendations that best suit your needs. On the day of, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Most installations take less than a day, so the interruption to your life is minimal. We’ll ensure any areas of your home we’re working in are well protected, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. 

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction possible. We offer everything we can to guarantee your needs are met, top to bottom. 

Once we’ve installed your new HVAC system, we ensure all the warranties, rebates, and maintenance agreements are activated and set up. And you don’t have to do a thing! If an HVAC system is on your agenda, give us a call at (765) 966-1300, or schedule an appointment online.